Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hey, Soldier!

OK, this might come as a conservative SHOCK, but maybe not...

I signed up to "adopt a soldier" this morning, which basically means writing letters and sending the occasional care package. They say "when it rains, it pours" and only too many times in this too-big world has that reigned true (oh, puns).

First, I met The Staff Sergent, then there's the war in Iraq (actually that came first), and following my curiousity, I've waded a bit into the shallows of The News (i.e., I'm educating myself - cautiously). Today I was aimlessly surfing the world of blogs (again) and stumbled upon *Red. She had posted a gruesome rant after receiving an email from her cousin (also a soldier, in Iraq) and listed the "adopt a soldier" address as a means by which to send some comfort. I clicked. I registered. And now I wait (3-5 days).

If nothing else, The Staff Sergeant has prompted a limited amount of enlightenment, but enlightenment nonetheless.

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