Monday, August 27, 2007

This week's top 5 reasons I might toss my cookies (and it's only Monday):

1. Whatever the eff-ing hell this travesty calls itself...

2. That CNN story about Seniors and oral sex that aired between unnerving footage of soldiers in Iraq...

3. (said unnerving footage courtesy of CNN, and the theoretical heart palpitations I credit to the intensity of their musical score)

4. My masochistic tendencies and the search capabilities of YouTube and Google: [base location], [military branch], [specific category] = the virtual deflowering of my mind and eyes

5. The prospect of another long weekend spent with one of the parental forces of evil...a predicted 3 days of psychological warfare hidden behind the smoke and mirrors of, "I know that you asked not to be put in the middle of this, but there's something you should know..."

1 comment:

Bradford said...

i ordered three pairs of those shoes. i needed as many colors as i could get.