Monday, August 13, 2007

Waiting for the light to change.

I'm beginning to question my ability to either choose potential partners, the possibility that all guys lie, manipulate, and willingly choose to embody selfishness, or a combination of the two (i.e., doom). Like an old friend, I have welcomed the return of cynicism with open arms. However tragic it may be to view the glass as half empty (or dare I say, parched and dry?), at least "half empty" is better than allowing myself to wallow in the ruins yet again before the dawning of another year.

Love is a bitch. The mean, catty kind.

...and the photo-a-day campaign is on a temporary delay as I figure out why my camera is devouring batteries. I have a few from the weekend that I'll try to post. Or won't.

Out tonight with the roommate to see Matthew Perryman Jones again. He's incredible. His love songs are...

I may want to rip out my heart before the night ends.

But his voice...Oh, his voice.

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