Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The City Mouse

It has just occurred to me how soon February is approaching. February signifies the theoretical completion of my tiny loft in the heart of downtown, my "New York on downers," as I have coined it. It seems like only last month that The Roommate moved in to the apartment where my pieces of furniture have long since begun to root into the hardwood floors and my life has saturated the space between most walls for the last three years. What a daunting task it will be to leave that place. Not only will it take a crew to restore it to it's original state, but it has housed so many chapters and changes of me that I will be sad to leave [on some level].

The move isn't for a while yet, I know, but it's been a work in progress for two years. The last five months seem like no time at all before I'll be once again required to pack life into liquor boxes and separate possessions into categories for keeping and purging...lots will have to go, not much fits within the confines of 670 square feet. It will be a lifestyle change, but by then I'll be seasoned in the maneuverability of culture shock. It's exciting to think that everything necessary for sustaining life will be contained within a 2 block office, grocery store, bank, deli's, bars, coffee shops, library, venues, art galleries.

It's just so...soon, like falling asleep in the car and suddenly waking at your destination [5 months later].

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Bradford said...

I am so jealous of your loft. I want one so badly.