Monday, September 10, 2007

The grinding limbo of a 5 day interim...

Hello, Monday, my first day foe.

Left palm is tattooed with today's agenda:
1) email marketing group
2) check syllabus deadlines
3) set apt with [non-profit contact]

I did rise early today, in relation to usual and to bedtime, but early is all together relative, right? [I reference my morning's 8am debut.] I made it to Marketing on time, a commendable feat, and in my break between class and work, I stopped by an establishment I have been meaning to peruse for a job. They're hiring - interview Wednesday.

Between a promising job opportunity and the planned banishment of in-house internet, the belated conversation with Mom should be more smoothly received. I promised to call following my afternoon spent in the cooler, er, the office...the office that will hopefully no longer rob me of body heat after Wednesday. No one can live on 9 hours a week and the immanent threat of frost bite.

After a good 5 days of willful silence, and ignored phone calls/emails, I feel that I am rested enough in the motherly situation to again speak cordially. She isn't guilty of heinous atrocities, but now and again the mounting anxiety of her role in my life peaks and I have to stop for a sanity break. So I've been breathing, and thinking, and I've made a few changes that she'll smile upon, and I've reckoned [momentarily] with the live-in-boat-man with which she has taken up companionship [although without formal introductions as such, or mention of the fact], and her friendly relations with fermented grapes [somewhat].

A low, throaty growl threatens audibility, but instead I chew anxiously on an inner wall of mouth...

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