Monday, October 22, 2007

All I want to be is the minute that you hold me in

I could write about the 24 hours of rain that has dictated yet another gloomy-mood day.

I could write to tell you how I went to visit [cell phone provider] seeking aid in opening a photo of desert dunes that wouldn't...and how their inadequacies left me sitting in the drowning parking lot adding to the mist.

or about the raging headache that threatens the explosion of sinus cavities as the unpredictable up-and-down weather schemes fluctuate in sinister jests.

...but then if I broke into the incredible review of last night's Matt Nathanson and Ingrid Michaelson concert I attended, it would be an awkward change of pace. It might produce in you some kind of emotional vertigo, and, well, I would hate to have that burden on my shoulders.

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