Sunday, December 30, 2007

cherry. mango. lettuce. March.

What a crazy night...and in my new usual state, I'm too tired to truly document it. In unjust brevity, The Roommate and I honored Saturday night with what was intended to be a short trip to grab dinner then come back to the apartment to endure a low-key evening doing whatever it is that we do to occupy time. We ordered, then ate, and as we neared the end of our dining experience, a group of several other 20-somethings sat among us at the community "high top", thus including us in the conversation enveloping the circumstantial end of our table. It was someones birthday, and the party-goers were friendly. At some point we were invited over for cake following dinner, and in a moment of delightful spontaneity, we went. As I relayed the night's plans through a giggle-riddled phone call, "we were picked up by a birthday party and would be going back for cake."

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