Sunday, December 16, 2007

the stitchin' bitch [sans yarn]

I blogged the other [early] morning about my 4am cooking and sewing antics, and posted some pics of the apple butter I canned for gifts. Being that my mind was tired and not fully revived from the final-exam Brain Melt, and maybe an issue of patience, I'll now finally give you some visuals of the other domestic project:

The Stocking

I am quite confident in some of my domestic qualities, others I am just not well versed in...sewing is one of them. I can take up a pair of pants and sew a mean, 2-sided throw pillow, curtains, and once I managed to semi-successfully craft a roman shade. But overall, my abilities are enough to get by [and that's where it stops]. Feeling inspired, I challenged myself to thread together a digital print stocking for The Staff Sergeant. I cut it all out, pinned it together, and stitched the sides...

...except it was too small for anything to fit within its pouch. SOOOOO, I ripped the seam and fashioned a 1.5 inch ribbon of fabric to add some room between the stocking's front and back panels [kinda like you'd make a chair cushion].

And that solved the problem.

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Anonymous said...

holy crap. that is the coolest stocking ever.