Sunday, January 20, 2008

neither here nor there

It wasn't exactly a dramatic parting, instead, an abbreviated "good bye" in the unlit kitchen. A hapless white-knuckle hug that I knew couldn't keep him. I love you. Then the door, and his headlights, and the dark replacing the space where he had parked.

It's been too long since I've been here, but when you try to stockpile two month's time into a week it consumes you slightly. And now he's gone [again], but I'm learning how to fair the distance [with hopeful grace]. We celebrated Valentine's Day a month early, and my birthday a couple of weeks in advance, and really, two months is so short in comparison to many things.

It's funny how quickly you can remodel perspective...

This is just how they live, our soldiers, and us other halves of them. It's a different world and one I never imagined I would willingly be a part of [until I met him]. It's not that my heart doesn't ache knowing that he's away, but I'm different, we're different than we were in October. I understand his passion. I'm getting to a place where something of the whole makes sense.

My life goes on and his life goes on because they must and will regardless of time or place. Though there were/are/will be tears, my heart also feels peace in knowing that he'll come back and "us" will resume in only a matter of weeks.

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La C. said...

I wondered about where you'd been. Just know, when the real world consumes you, you are missed here, which I'd like to think, counts for something. Sort of. ;)