Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, But bears it out even to the edge of doom." - W. Shakespeare

Soon I'll be embracing the possibilities of the open road. I'll be caffeinated and en route to Atlanta, Georgia. I've mentioned my army-girlfriend-shortcomings many times and also how I feel as though I stumble [often] through attempts not to throw tantrums when the army works against my ideal plans. This is the opposite of that. This is a defining moment in proactivity. I have a friend from high school who grew up and married an army officer. In case you weren't aware, this whole war thing, regardless of your take on it, bodes inconvenient for holidays. That said, my date for Valentine's Day is a hot army wife in Georgia who inspires me to be less of child as I learn the ropes of military life one awkward step at a time.

Instead of feeling blue, I'll be belting out lyrics to love songs in-sync with my iPod's driving mixes. I'll be thankfully recalling the premature Valentine's celebration the Staff Sergeant and I indulged in before he left. I'll re-read the "happy valentine's day, I love you" text he sent long before I began to stir this morning, and I'll be looking forward to a girl's night out as both of our men have dates with Uncle Sam.

And to you, my friends, I wish all the best and lots of love!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Maggie said...

I personally believe valentine's day is best spent with girlfriends. Have a wonderful time!

La C. said...

Sounds like my kind of celebration.