Monday, March 3, 2008

Writing like there's no tomorrow. [ex: 1]

Dearest friend,

Dreams are but sacred flames that ignite our motivation. To let one go is the saddest thought of which I can think. Do not worry that your words lack meaning or power. They are the manifestations of soul and heart. Sometimes it’s okay, necessary even to be selfish. In these moments allow yourself to live only for you, to block out every obligatory distraction in order to feed your center. The rest of the world can be momentarily paused without loss or effect. We all have a story to tell whether or not we know it, whether or not the verses are clearly laced inside our minds. Writing loosens them from the crevices that pin them deep within our dark subconscious. Never let anyone say that your voice is unworthy of speaking. It is yours and holy it that right. Though fame and fortune may not follow the words and phrases you spin together, one person at the very least will be moved having related to your message. Please never give up on dreams. If writing is the rev of energy sparking your motions, write. If writing keeps your tears from drowning your interior, write. If writing is the one thing that gnaws at the stem of every other thought, write. Allowing fear to win is giving up. Life is simply too short not to honor one’s passion, and a truly driven specimen stops at nothing when trying to reach a goal. If you do decide that writing will not sustain you, if necessity beckons over art, don’t give up writing for you. One day someone, somewhere will stumble upon the albums of your life in words and they will be a gift, a legacy. If nothing else, write for you - for sanity’s sake, because life without it would be incomplete.

Good luck in your quest. Be inspired. [Write.]

In reverence,



Anonymous said...

Wow, that's great! Thanks for sharing.

Maggie, dammit said...

This is beautiful.