Wednesday, March 19, 2008

If it gets any sweeter than this, I don't want to know.

[where to begin...?]

I've been lost in all of the hours made-up. I've been busy falling [again, again]. I've been submerged in his return, a glutton for each second shared, each sweet moment to see him and touch his skin and to be able to watch his lips form words and kisses and smiles.

[god, I love his smile]

At night I listen as each inhale and exhale makes proof of his existence. I will away the memory of mornings' harsh clarity and the betrayal of dreams, only to welcome the comfort of adjacent ones blooming side by side with him near. When I finally do wake there he lies, less than arm's distance away, all familiar and reluctant to crawl out of bed, heavy eyes and the relief of Home. Just when I think he can't be any more, he is.

My heart is so full.


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maggie, dammit said...

awwwww, man. I can't even imagine. This is so very sweet. Savor savor savor.