Sunday, March 9, 2008

Other girls were never quite like this

Yesterday I didn't sit down to write an introspective reflection on life as I thought I might. The snow melted by mid-day and I was able to run some errands that needed my attention. Because of the schedule alteration, I couldn't shake the feeling that it was already Sunday. It was disappointing until I woke up this morning able to do it all again.

Today was likewise relaxing. I slept in late, finished last night's cleaning spree, tagged along with a friend to a flea market, and enjoyed an hour of yoga at the pole studio. This wasn't just "an hour of yoga," friends, pole classes have left every muscle I never knew I had wracked with pain. It's fabulous to know that they're gaining tone, but holy ouch! The yoga class this afternoon was like a miraculous elixir. After stretching and lengthening and breathing, my shoulders and back feel relief and elasticity once again. On the way out, I stopped to chat with the receptionist guy like I always do, to share a tidbit about The Staff Sergeant and how the classes keep me busy while he's away, to schedule another yoga session and to ask about the next round of pole lessons. We're talking and scheduling and flipping through date books, and I'm rambling on about how much I love the class and can't wait to continue it, and he looks up at me and asks, "have you thought about becoming an instructor?" "" was something of the response I gave, but inside I leaped with excitement. Eventually I mustered a casual, "yeah, I mean, maybe..." and he said he'd talk to my instructor before the next class.

It may absolutely be nothing, nothing at all. He may talk to her and she may laugh at the thought of it, thus halting any further developments. But it's something fun to think about for a side gig to a day job as I plan to enter a slowing job market and for the cost of graduate school.

I'm honestly a little surprised and flattered. I could totally be a teacher...



Pare said...

Early congrats!

(And "holy ouch"? Classic.)

Maggie, dammit said...

ooooh, so exciting!! I love it!

Anonymous said...

how cool! perhaps someday you can draw me little stick figures ;)