Monday, April 21, 2008

Tell me again about the whale

I've listened to this Incubus album 4 entire times [easy]...I've typed over 2,550 mindless, meaningless words on a topic that I can only describe as excruciatingly boring...I haven't had a substantial conversation with The Staff Sergeant in almost a week [or a good night's sleep]...beyond this paper, there's still so much work to do before it's jaw aches from chewing gum, but it channels my anxiety somewhere other than my fingernails or bottom lip or innocent pen...I want to shut this laptop and crawl into someone's arms who is more concerned with my splitting seams than the tax man, who listens when I need to be a little unnecessarily broken, who punches out motherly encouragement in bold, red letters, just in case I glanced over their presence on a page.

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