Tuesday, May 20, 2008

out of control

I've been falling short in the blogging world but rapidly excelling in the one of Domestic Goddessery. I always seem to do things backwards. It's one of my signature trademarks. I bought a house at 20 and shed it for apartment living. My collegiate journey entails a number of forward and backward motions, and now I have taken up nesting long before I have a partner to nest for or with. But to my credit, it does put me leaps and bounds ahead in my goals to dethrone the reign of Martha Stewart one good thing at a time.

While I haven't been here launching creative ideas through prose, I have been busy in my mind redecorating and stocking my life with such creature comforts that enable one to claim that they are one or two steps closer to being a real-life, adult, girl. It began with china - fine china. I used my graduation money to purchase the most beautiful, S. Princess-esque white and gold set of Richard Ginori, "Duchessa Gold." It was love at first sight and when the shipment arrived, it was like Christmas! Naturally the gorgeous plates and cups and saucers and coffee pot needed a vintage cream and sugar...so I ebay-ed until I found a pair that added a little funk to the mix. With special plates, I needed fancy table linens...and acquired several many tablecloths and napkins and chargers, etc. And because I had all of these new pieces with which to entertain I needed a place to house them - enter vintage sideboard/china cabinet. And while I was seeking out the furniture to hold the china, I happened upon a spectacular vintage dresser that needed to come live in my bedroom...and a Dwell duvet cover because...[at this point, why the hell not?].

...so you see, it's been a rambling and ridiculous frenzy of gathering, and I have justified it through the reasoning that I am now a grown-up and need an adult home. I need adult china and linens and old, substantial furniture, and new stemware and more silver. There's no time to blog when the writer is 100% consumed with and obsessed with collecting crap. That's part of it. The other part is the value of a thorough distraction. I haven't talked to The Staff Sergeant in 11 days and counting. This stint is a rough and lonely one, and as I excuse my crazed behavior with the "adult" tag, I'll also admit that it's an outlet used to soak up the Lovesick.

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Pare said...

Hey, congrats on IB today...and happy fine-china!