Tuesday, June 17, 2008

so THIS is the journey for which I've been longing?

I've concluded that I am really quite dull as a newly-graduated, single-but-not individual. Today's high point was a pair of paisley pajamas, that mind you, match the latest purchase of my table linen craze.

[Make that painfully dull.]

Oh, and I can't leave out the errand I was hopefully looking forward to following work - exchanging a pair of unmentionables for The Staff Sergeant. Annnnd just for good measure, and because I am not absolved of my pathetic solitary existence with only those few sad confessions, I stopped by the cologne counter on my way out of the store to douse a card stock sliver with his scent. It should be easy to make an evening of drinking [alone], huffing the magic of Kenneth Cole, hypnotized by the over-dramatic absurdities that constitute Lifetime television, all clad in said paisley jammies.

Enviable, no?

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