Tuesday, July 8, 2008

a brief teaser

I promised substance, but I bounced around town unexpectedly after work and now it's late and all I can really think to say is that I'm sleepy. It was a surprise to sit down with co-workers after a shift and chat over drinks, as it was to meet my "second father" for pizza, and then a friend for a lesson in whiskey.

The days until reunion grow fewer and fewer, and after so long of nothing more than letters in my mailbox, it seems surreal to think that life might ever feel "normal" again. In a digestible amount of time I'll be able to look him the eye and hear his voice. It's like a dream to remember being close to him, all fantasy lit and magically hazy in my mind. But sooner than later it will be real, if only for a moment. While this chapter has been severely unlike any other, I've grown and have even seen the evidential proof.

More later, I swear. For now, I'm off to meet him in dreams.

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