Sunday, February 1, 2009

I hate the phone [but I wish you'd call]

...or IM.

And then he did, rousing me from a Sunday morning slumber. I've never been more happily woken, except, well, there were some mornings when he was here... We christened our webcams with funny faces and smiles and then mimed along with the text. There was a problem with the sound so we made do with written words and motions, though they were lagging on a typical delay.

Now it's finally time for coffee. Oh, sweet caffeine!

And the rest of Bye Bye Birdie - Oh, sweet mid-century culture!

[One day you find out
This is what life is all about,
You need someone who
Is living just for you.
One guy,
One special guy,
One guy to live for,
To care for,
Be there for...


Tania said...

Webcams make things so much easier! Glad you got a chance to talk to him! I hate talking on the phone, but I love when my husband calls--it's all we've got!

New Girl on Post said...

Glad you guys got to talk (well...write and mimic). Thanks also for stopping by my blog. I always like meeting new readers!

erika said...

hello there - i just found your blog :) I was starting to hate my phone as well seeing it's with me 24/7. Unfortunately we haven't been able to chat via webcam.. hopefully soon though!

I look forward to reading more