Tuesday, February 3, 2009

stunted progress

[the manic state wanes, giving way to something more familiar.]

My smile curls into something less...cheerful.  Meanwhile, I want him come home with an incalculable desire.  If I had the energy I'd throw myself in the floor and wail and thrash my limbs.  But I don't have the energy and I'm pretty sure people would talk about me behind my back.

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Tania said...

Well, I wouldn't talk about you behind your back...because I know what you're going through. Although, not exactly because we deal with the pain of separation in different ways. I found the first few months to be difficult and full of relapses. It was literally a roller-coaster of emotions, with few ups and plenty of downs. I promise, though, that it will get better. Keeping busy, following a routine, picking up new hobbies, and connecting with people in similar situations got me through the rough times. Lots of hugs!