Sunday, March 29, 2009

29 of 31: a poem/meditation

Daily Spaces

--Again, no suitable beginning.
The power flickers: uninterested, uninteresting.
Our town's one train makes a too-long noise.

Is this enough?

On the radio, the sculptor said what I was thinking:
no to the pedestal, no to the frame

which I wrote down at the red light.
Then into the grocery store
where a woman sighed over tomatoes:
for this price they should be perfect.

I am in complete agreement,
which means I am often dissatisfied.

Produce is the least of it.

Yet sometimes in the crisper something I've forgotten
no longer looks like I remember: a riot
where only green once was,

or little beads of moisture congregating:
eager, trembling worlds on every stalk and tendril.

- Mary Ann Samyn, Purr

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