Wednesday, April 22, 2009

happy earth day!

I kind of always thought of the "Green" movement as hype, until it showed itself as Addiction and swept over me. Things I've either consciously or sub-consciously changed for the better since January (in no specific order or rank):

  • purchased a reel push lawnmower against everyone's advice, which really only made me want it more. Even Baby Girl gets her eco-mow on:
  • started walking to classes that don't cause me to walk home in the dark. My neighborhood is...pseudo-sketchy.
  • recycling
  • organic container gardening
  • baking instead of buying: bread products, crackers, protein bars
  • not running the heat (unless it's so cold inside my house that I cannot feel my feet)
  • organic skin products (make-up, lotion, homemade toner)
  • and just now as I brewed my first cup of coffee in a long time, I thought to myself, "I can do this another way..."

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