Friday, July 27, 2007

A laughing matter

I find that I laugh more than I used to. Today, walking through Macy's with The Future Californian on the phone I was almost certain they would ask me to leave. It isn't that life has gotten funnier, I'd even venture to say that it is more complicated than it has been in years, and maybe that's the main contributer to the current state of increased humor. One of my many mantras is that it's better to laugh than cry. Maybe it's more healthy to be able to celebrate your own flawed humanity than to wallow in it, or maybe it just looks better when you're wearing it than the alternative. But these days I'm laughing it off because frankly, life is that funny. Who has parents like mine? Or friends like mine? Who meets guys in the round about ways that I do? I always kid that I should have a personal film crew because I live a comedy...maybe a dark comedy, but I would totally watch the plot unfold except that I'm living it.

Another theory is "the boy." It's possible that even though familial things have become a bit more hectic, and I'm suffering from a rather severe case of burn-out in what was originally billed as the summer session before graduation, every time I think of him I smile (like, right now - no joke). See look: :) For the most part, you all know the details so I'll spare the blogging world all of the sap. He's amazing, though - really, really. And the days drag as the hours until we're together near. He makes me laugh a lot, too. He just makes me happier in general.

Basically, life is just a big hysterical mess of's true that it's oftentimes better than fiction.

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Bradford said...

This is exactly what I needed to hear today. I was so depressed, but I think you just made me a little happier. Thanks for posting this.