Saturday, July 28, 2007

Reading & Wine - A Fabulous Combination!

I have to admit that my favorite place in Nashville might very well be the Grand Reading Room in the main public library downtown. I have come here today to get some much procrastinated work done for class and to pick up a copy of Jack Kerouac's On The Road in anticipation of the next three weeks of academic freedom! Perhaps this doesn't sound like much to look forward to, but until you've given his imagery a chance and the unique style in which he narrates, you can't judge. I'm quite excited to road trip the country with Dean as Kerouac paints vivid illustrations with his prose. Yes, I'm a nerd, but it explains the desire for an MA in writing, right? My last Composition professor said, "You become a good writer by reading good writing." Kerouac is good writing.

There is something very tranquil about The Grand Reading's lofty ceilings and rows of reading tables are nestled between shelves and shelves of books and pages and words. More words that I could ever know, and more ideas than I could ever conger. It's inspiring and peaceful here, with large towering windows that invite soft natural light and frame the state capital building. I can hear the city moving below my third floor location, but inside this room only the quiet "whirrr" of an overhead air vent can be heard, and the occasional turn of a page, and maybe a murmur as someone speaks deliberately low.

On another note, I had the pleasure of going wine shopping this morning...not to drink this morning. It's for next weekend's trip to Asheville. I got my usual bottle of Kris Pinot Grigio and opted to try a new bottle that I had never before seen: FairValley. I was really excited to see that it is made on a vineyard in South Africa that is run by black Africans and that they are the individuals who reap the benefits of the wine. Naturally, I'm going to show up next weekend with African wine that is benefiting people otherwise living in poverty. It's almost too predictable :) Several people working at the store said really good things about it, though, especially that it's great this time of the year because it's fresh and light and good when it's so hot outside. I'll post when I know more about it's taste, and if it's fabulous, I will definitely encourage it to all.

With that, I'm going to wish all a Happy Saturday! For now, I must get back to my priorities.

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