Thursday, August 16, 2007

Day 2

OK, so it isn't from today, but it's less than a week old and is still pertinent to my current routine. I'm still struggling to get my camera back in working order. The battery situation seems to have been a fluke, but Friday's party has rendered my poor Canon's lens cover unpredictable...due to an apparent spill that has sealed it shut. Soon, I will be in working order - hopefully.

Anyway, this is my new most favored meal of the day. I previously mentioned the breakfast I threw together on my morning in Johnson City before heading for granola, lots of blueberries, and milk. It's like heaven, no joke. My roommate teases me about the way in which a I carry on about breakfast. I revel my few moments of morning bliss of crunchy granola clusters, fresh blueberries and skim milk. I'll even credit it for motivating my morning awakening on more than one occasion.

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