Sunday, August 26, 2007

A breach of maternal boundaries...and date no. 3

I call Mom back this afternoon once I notice that I've missed her call - I know she's curious about the third date. She picks up, we relay the expected rhetoric - the "how are you's?" Immediately following, first thing, giddy like gabby girlfriends, she asks, "So, have you seen his body yet?"

Um. What?!

I'm still a bit taken aback from such an inquisition from my mother.

Despite the display of family dysfunction, the date was indeed fabulous. The menu consisting of caesar salad, homemade baguettes, homemade spinach ravioli with tomato sauce, white wine, and balsamic peaches with vanilla gelato (again, homemade) was well received. Afterward, our trek up Love Circle was also a hit. The weather was pleasantly unseasonal for the norms we've been experiencing. The daylight heat had subsided some and a breeze was an added bonus. Heat lightning flickered above the cityscape - a low glow in the dark clouds. It was perfect, and then when it seemed as though the night had peaked, an unexpected firework show erupted in the sky.

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