Thursday, August 30, 2007

A series of unfortunate events.

I retired my laptop hours before usual to instead lay in bed and devour a chapter or two of On The Road. Right about Fresno my eyes got heavy, and for once in long while, I surrendered to their sleepy desires. It was before midnight when I set my alarm for 7am and turned out the lights to wedge between the covers. A good plan, I thought, to bed early to rise early. My body revolted like an angst-ridden teen...tossing and turning and waking on the hour. When the alarm jolted me from a lukewarm slumber, I laid there exhausted for half an hour more. At 7:30am I was still doing well for time.

This morning I swore to leave 30 full minutes before class was to begin even though my campus is only 3 miles from my front door. It seems that with the influx of freshman, a simultaneous disappearance of parking slots has also occurred. I've thought about calling Roswell to investigate, but instead I attempt to remedy the problem with futile curses contained within the solitude of my car. It isn't really working. You should also know that time management is a great weakness of mine, but this morning I was on my A-game. I was prepared to be prompt in my attendance.

At exactly 9:05am I stepped outside, locking the door behind me.

First hurried step, phone - check.

Second, iPod - check.

Third - I'm gonna be on time!

Fourth, keys - che...where are my keys!?

I didn't yet launch into panic, although it was more than warranted. This would be my third missed class since the semester's beginning from which I would be absent. I'm pretty sure that under such circumstances, a student becomes a top candidate for immediate failure or dismissal from the course. I calmly turned back and lunged for the spare...I should probably add it to my list for Roswell's research, seeing that it too has mysteriously gone missing.

...and panic ensued.

To make a short story not as long as I would otherwise make it, The Roommate left work to let me in, I sped to class, found a miraculous parking spot in the garage, the door wasn't locked today, and I sauntered awkwardly into the classroom only 10 minutes late. I was at odds with the universe! After a solid effort of flawed preparation, I think I'll stick to my preferred by-the-seat-of-your-pants method.

On happier notes, The Staff Sergeant and I have a date tomorrow. I believe we'll be attending an indie rock affair in the Gulch. Hopefully it will prove to be as good of a show as the talk seems to bill it.

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