Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Some like it hot. (Some apparently like it cold.)

I'm freezing at work. Literally. In mere moments I will waft into the slumber of hypothermia never to wake again. A rigid form of mindless key punches and legs crossed in feminine professionalism left in my place, which brings me to this: why doesn't refrigerator contain the same "D" as it's shortened version, fridge? A million dollar question. Anyone with the answer gets...a popsicle. I dunno, I've got cold on the brain.

It rained today, briefly. Just enough precipitation to make the consistency of air a little more like that of syrup. But rain nonetheless. I almost required a moment of silence for the phenomenon we have not born witness to in ages. It was the talk of the town - that quick sprinkle.

It seems that I will either freeze in this office or parch outdoors, and I'm beginning to think that the idea of autumn is a farce all together.

I'm failing miserably at the photo-a-day project now that I am officially four days behind. It doesn't seem to be all that critical to the continuation of life's cycle and maybe it should be celebrated as a sign that I'm beginning to give more meaning to my hours than I did in the throes of Summer's Apathy. I'll try to catch up, because I said I would do it.

For the sake of something positive: Living Wage meetings begin again next week! Yay! for fair wages! I've also got my fingers crossed for some involvement in a refugee replacement organization this semester - Yay! for the evacuation of Sudanese refugees!

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