Friday, September 7, 2007

A passage penned on a coffee-stained napkin...

I haven't written anything in a day or two and I'm certainly hasn't been the result of a lack of material, for anyone who knows this compulsive blogger can attest that there is never a dull moment. I scratched this out last night while trying desperately to study - and then gave it life via text and sent it out in the world. It's the closest thing to creative thought that I've given time (it's been slightly edited):

Somewhere in Nashville a lonesome girl sits in sight of a table for two, in a coffeehouse fully equipped with outlets and bagels. Its nestled up to a wall with two empty chairs turned carelessly askew, but she isn't thinking of their position in the room rather, her thoughts linger in their meaning and what began in those forgotten wooden seats. She grins and regretfully turns back to her studies, yet the crooked chairs and table tempt her thoughts mercilessly with the echo of nervous laughter and introductions.

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