Saturday, September 8, 2007

Cinnamon, spice, and everything nice.

Noon o'clock on this dreary Saturday finds V, The Roommate, and myself at a table for four in the Nashville renowned Pancake Pantry. It doesn't seem all that disorienting to be ordering breakfast as the rest of the city pores over lunch menus, we've all had long nights and are in need of satiating that lazy-day delight of stacked flap-jacks. Around the table we each echo half orders of cinnamon-spice cakes and coffee or OJ.


The conversation quickly shifts to the question of my academic productivity, and my response prompts disappointing looks from them both. I think it's a combination of several catalysts...

It is suggested that I be single until May. Respectfully, no. It is suggested that I map out a study plan in my planner, but I've already done that. I have perfected the ability to ignore the schedule so helpfully printed between the lines of each day. We reduce the largest distraction down to my internet addiction. No, it's not Facebook. I hate Facebook. No, it isn't Myspace (anymore).

The culprit: BLOGGER.



Life without internet:Me::Kryptonite:

The Roommate offers to hold me down when the withdrawal induced shakes set in. It isn't that I'm giving it up all together, but we're looking into a T-Mobile subscription that would take the internet out of the house and open up such establishments as Starbucks and Borders for service - more places to go outside + less distractions on the home front = fewer nights spent playing and more hours sleeping AND fewer idle hours wasting away on my iBook, affording more hours dedicated to worthwhile tasks.

I rue the day that I can't lay in bed and introspectively blog about life, but I value a timely graduation more. Goodbye Bellsouth DSL, and hours and hours wastefully sacrificed to the Internet Gods. It seems that I'll be seein' you only in coffee shops and bookstores.

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Bradford said...

this sounds like the best idea you've had in ages. two e-props.