Sunday, December 9, 2007

Love is prying open a quivering eye.

I awake to a weepy, burning in the right eye, which I can only assume to be a result of an apparent mid-night ocular trauma. Dismissing my situation as a mere inconvenience, I attempt to ignore my fist's compulsive draw to rub away the unfamiliar pain. It only takes a short while and an abundance of whining to reveal that this minor injury is just irritating enough to cripple my enjoyment of the day, so The Staff Sergeant and I go in search of some form of relief...



Let it be known that this is one thing I cannot willingly endure without restraint and forceful aid. Because of this shortcoming, he holds me down to apply the dosage on several different occasions with several clever tactics. My favorite, the sneak attack. He distracts my dreadful anticipation with a series of kisses before quicklypullingbackmyflinchinglids to dribble in a hefty dose of Visine. I claw a little at the sofa beneath me and think of the 100 more painful events I would rather undergo than this eye-drop antipathy.

[I'm fully aware of my foolishness]

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