Monday, December 10, 2007

For the love of muffins...

Once upon a time I had an idea mostly attributed to an adorable heart-shaped muffin pan which I stumbled upon in Target's coveted dollar department.

[Yes, the strategic placement dupes even us aware consumers.]

It was bright red and a novel little thing, nestled among a slew of other pink and red Valentine's day paraphernalia*. At only a dollar, buyers remorse was relinquished and I reveled in my [theoretical] bargain. I'm not really sure why, or what specifically got me thinking...perhaps in a dream, "Love Muffins" came to me...and the thought of a muffin-of-the-month club. I recognize that this may, very well, be the most absurd entrepreneurial thought that has ever been launched into the world, and so only a brief consideration lingered with it's precious little name before being lost in the bustle of being yet again single and re-settling.

Following the muffin brevity, I relied on the sustenance of Lean Cuisines and peanut butter sandwiches...nothing inspiring to the culinary soul. But recently, a number of forces have shifted me back into the comfort of cooking, and as though I had run into an old friend, the name came back to me.

I'm still not clear about much more than the name and that muffins would be an inherent piece of the concept. Maybe it really is a foolish consideration. It just seems that muffins delivered by mail might cause a smile, even if only for a moment. And I guess, in my naive bubble of attempted world redemption, that simple goal seems so very attainable in a myriad of impossibilities.

So...if there was such a thing as "Love Muffins," would your interest be piqued?

*read as cheap crap


Gracie said...

I know I would be.

Anonymous said...

I would be intrested