Wednesday, February 27, 2008

[insert foot in mouth]

Not even one full month prior to The Staff Sergeant's honorable act of compassion [taking me on a much postponed, and ill-deserved rain-check-first-date], I was sitting in a coffee shop prophesying my immediate future.

On July 26, 2007, I wrote:

Apparently someone in the 80's thought it appropriate to "walk five-hun-dred miles", while The Plain White T's are currently crooning hipster lyrics about love and distance - not to mention the military sweethearts that are definitely feeling the stretch. If there are songs and books, and an entire branch of the US government that is valiantly surviving the dreaded plague of separation, I guess it can't be all that impossible.

[eerie, really]

This morning I was reminded of this archived post after Site Meter so kindly pointed to the curious individual in Somalia searching Google for...hope? inspiration? reassurance? I actually don't know - love with distance lonely worry.

Back in July I was much more than unsuspecting, in fact, the reference to the tribulations of the military was spurred only from a close friend of mine whose voice inferred the struggle across long-distance phone connections. It was almost one of those totally selfish, "Whew, glad it's not me!" mentions. But life has one hell of a sense of humor as it would seem. I'm now one of those "valiantly surviving the dreaded plague of separation" and though sometimes I wish that I could close my eyes and click my heels and have him home, sweet home, it really isn't an impossible feat when you understand the value of what you have.

Again, a bit redundant, but it made me laugh - the irony of my arrogant self, that is. Maybe this will reach Somalia. Maybe it will help to bridge the loneliness and worry.

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Maggie said...

"love with distance lonely worry"

That makes my heart ache. (For both of you.)