Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Because I've been projecting the funk:

10 really great things that I love/am thankful for/just make me smile...

  • the care package that I assembled for The Staff Sergeant's next trip - care packaging is love.
  • I have the day off, it's sunny and 65 degrees and I'm spending the afternoon in a sweet, new coffee house downtown
  • 16 Military Wives - The Decemberists
  • reading Anne Lamott's hilarious quips on life and writing
  • pole dancing...and the next 6 weeks of it that await me :)
  • taking down the Martha empire one cookie at a time. I heart baking.
  • um...7 weeks till graduation
  • fitting once again in my "skinny" jeans
  • a brief series of date nights and date night dresses [trapeze, naturally]


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Anonymous said...

I love "Bird by Bird!" I should read it again, especially the chapter on shitty firsts drafts. Have you read "Traveling Mercies?"

Anonymous said...

you went today! good! :) what did you get to drink?