Wednesday, April 9, 2008

between the bars

After a week off, I'm gettin' back into the swing of Pole Dance classes: round 2. We're going to be tackling some new transitional moves and I, specifically, will continue trying to master this trick so I can rightfully claim it in my repertoire...and then I'll rock it sans hands. That'll really wow my sheet rock audience!

In other news, the opportunity I mentioned before, to move to the other side of the classroom, came up again tonight. Me? A bona fide pole dance instructor? It sounds a little delicious, no? It is pretty much a win-win scenario: free studio time, obligatory motivation to work out, an additional pay check, hope for the dream of Madonna's arms, AND best of all? the sheer shock-value of my answer to that age-old post-grad inquiry: So, what are your plans now? Eh, I think I'm gonna pole dance. for money.

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La C. said...

I have always wanted to take a class like that. I have always wanted to get into teaching classes too, I just can't ever get good enough at anything to teach it.