Wednesday, October 29, 2008

and then the clouds parted...

I hid.  I looked upward and scowled at the ambiguous bestower of fates for my week of bad luck.  Even the pick-me-up chocolate chip cookies I baked came out flat and burned.  Chocolate chip cookies fergodsake!  The sunshine after the rain, or something like that, is that my karma seems back in check.  Oh!, sweet release from misfortune!

And now because I'm not feeling prosey, I'll just share the highlights before trying to focus on the MUCH overdue research for tomorrow night's pedagogy class.  They are as follows:

  • I voted!  I bar-rocked my vote in the early polls and am proud of not procrastinating [when it counts].
  • I am typing to you from my sweet new MacBook.  Not the NEW, new one; the white one that preceded last Tuesday's NEW, new debut.
  • I paid all my bills yesterday, including the entirety of a long-lingering hospital debt and a Gap account that had allowed some unnecessary, late-summer retail therapy.
  • I picked up the newest 19th C. book assignment instead of putting it off until the last minute [like last week].
  • I have rocked the kitchen [since the cookie failure], which makes the hard-working Staff Sergeant a happy man and keeps me a sane woman.  Last night's Seafood Risotto was a yummy change from the norm and this morning's Espresso Brownies looked divine (they're currently in the fridge setting up)!  Up for the rest of the week: Red-Lentil Rice Cakes (with light-colored lentils 'cause the red ones were illusive and hard to find) and The SS's fav, homemade [turkey] sausage and pepperoni calzones.  
  • The fleas appear to be gone!  I'm happy, Macbeth is SUPER happy!
  • I just picked up candy for handing out Friday night and fabric for my costume.  I'll be threatening Martha in the sewing room as well as in the kitchen this week [sinister laugh].  Thanks to McCalls' two-hour hooded cape pattern and 4.5 yards of bright red cotton fabric, I'll hopefully be a smokin' Little Red Riding Hood by Saturday night.

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Gracie said...

You have been beyond the words of busy haven't you?