Friday, October 24, 2008

Casual Friday

I'm clearly paying for something, although I cannot imagine what offense has warranted an entire four days of bad Karma.  So today, with it rainy and gray and cold-looking, and as it is my last day off this week, and because I have a big presentation on Monday, I am going to keep well off the radar.  I may even stay in my sweats all day or at least until I have Zitkala-Sa's American Indian Stories and Fanny Fern's Ruth Hall thoroughly devoured and digested.  And I may keep the Food Network on for inspiration and company.  And a pot of coffee hot.


The Joiners said...

I, too, feel this way. Although I do not have the luxury of my sweats, nor a pot of coffee and a good book here at work. But I wish you well with the self-imposed exile. Things would have been totally different for me today had I not gotten out and into the world and karma got its rainy grip on me.

Colby said...

Your week, while filled with experiences completely alien from my own, resonates given the two-faced atmosphere and my severely malfunctioning life compass. Hope your day with coffee is bringing you as much peace as mine has so far.

Also, keep writing. I'm completely blocked right now, and your prose helps to untangle the knots.